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카테고리 Japan
제목 Medical seminars & talk-show in Tokyo with Dr. Kida Naoe
행사일자 2019.05.13

On April 2019, Wettrust and hanamisui successfully held informative medical seminars in Tokyo.
We invited special guest speakers included Dr. Kida Naoe a director at Naoe Beauty Clinic and sexual life adviser Ms. Olivia A.

As feminine care specialists, they hosted the talk-show and addressed 'vaginal health' as the main topic after the seminar. Tons of people from the audience asked various related questions ranging from the correlation between female hormones and vaginal pH balance to the best hygiene care tips on intimate area.

This seminar offered a great opportunity to listen to the real voice of women discussing about vital female intimate organs.
As a feminine care specialist, Wettrust will keep offering the best solution for women's inner beauty.